♻️  We cordially invite you to take part in the 8th Conference on Advances in Diabetes and Insulin therapy (ADIT) that will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia , on April 21-13, 2016, as our sponsor partner, and thus to support our efforts to enable as many diabetologists as possible to attend high quality educational program provided by prominent faculty members.

AGADA, Diabetes Education and Research Institute, is non-governmental and non-profit organisation, dedicated to advance in excellence and quality of diabetes education, research, patient care and clinical practice. In this sense AGADA ensures necessary organisational structure, transparency and support to diabetes related projects such as ADIT. The scientific body of the conference is the ADIT Organising Board with members from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece. Our short term goal is to expand the current lineup of the Organising Board to more participating countries in order to understand better cultural beliefs and practice regarding diabetes care in major countries and to integrate them into scientific program.

We are proud that on the basis of excellent feedback of participants, the ADIT conference is  recognized as one of the leading, high-end scientific and clinical practice events in the region. This can be attributed to unique concept of the conference, where the top world investigators and regional opinion makers are presenting in a small-scale conference setting that enable profound learning experience and interaction among audience and speakers. The scientific program, faculty, meeting design, sustainable UEMS accreditation and logistics are setting us apart from similar events in the region.

The main goal of ADIT conference is pursuing excellence in patient care by continued high-quality education of HCPs and effective transfer of up-to-date diabetes knowledge and research into clinical practice.

ADIT Conference is targeting a geographical area of the South Eastern Europe, combining regional specifics in diabetes care and therapies with top end research and knowledge. Previous conferences were held in: Mumbai (2009), Dubrovnik (2010), Ljubljana (2011), Riga (2012), Sofia (2013), Belgrade (2014) and Budapest (2015). In average, the conferences were attended by 400+ delegates, coming from 15+ countries: Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Latvia, Lithuania, Kosovo, Macedonia and others.

We have acquired 77 EACCME UEMS CME accreditation points from 2010-2015, as we do believe that facilitation of HCPs needs through continuous learning process is prerequisite for improvement of medical outcomes in diabetes care.

Nevertheless, only with support and cooperation of our sponsor partners, we can continue to deliver high end scientific program and faculty to our delegates. We are confident that we are sharing a common goal to improve the clinical practice and patient care through consistent and quality education of health professionals. With your cooperation, we can continue with constant improvement of ADIT conference to meet the needs and expectations of the delegates.

More information about the organising institution and the conference is available on web : www.agada.si and www.adit-conf.org.



APRIL 21-23, 2016


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Valamar Lacroma 4*


Dubrovnik is connected by flights with : Zagreb, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt,Athens, Paris, Oslo, Helsinki,London, Edinburgh, Madrid, Brussels, Nice, Rome, Zurich. The summer timetable is valid from March 31-October 30 every year. During winter months flights are dramatically reduced.



Sponsorship & support:

Uros Bolcina, Sponsorship Manager


Dr.Drazen Babic, Industry Liason Consultant



Scientific :

Prof.Andrej Janez, Chairman


Legal, strategic, operations:

Dusanka Bolcina,

ADIT conference director



ADIT Secretariat &Technical Organizer

C/O Amatis

Consulting-Meeting design-CME


Educate healthcare professionals about available therapeutic options, guidelines and advances, disclosing the benefits and concerns in transparent and responsible, patient oriented way. 


Improve the quality and transparency of medical education in the region by setting standards and example.


Enabling networking ,stimulate research and new ideas, guidelines and opinions among ADIT delegates and faculty.


ADIT Organizing & Advisory Board

Prof.Andrej Janez , Chairman

Prof.Lea Duvnjak Smircic, ADIT 2016 Local Hosting Co Chairman

Dusanka Bolcina, CMP- Conference Director

Prof. Nebojsa Lalic, Co Chairman

Prof. Zeljko Metelko Co Chairman

Prof. Peter Kempler

Prof. Asimina Mitrakou Fanariotou

Prof.Tsvetalina Tankova