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Scientific Program

Preliminary Program

SUNDAY, April 23rd: 18:00- 21:00

Opening Session

Welcome Reception 

Monday, April 24th: 08:30-17:30

NAFLD-NASH Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis of liver, liver disease in patients with type 2 diabetes

Heterogeneity of NAFLD

Recent insights into the treatment of NASH

Case presentation and discussion


Insulin Treatment of T1DM

Goals of treatment: from diagnosis to old age 

The insulin formulations: how to best titrate and use it: 

Prandial preparations

Basal preparations

Panel discussion



The revolution of glucose sensors: how to optimize its use and information.

The closed loop system: focus on prevention of hypoglycaemia.


Pharmacological Management of Obesity and Weight in Diabetes in T2DM

ADA2023 guidelines overview

Pro: Efficacy standpoint

Con: Adherence and constraints standpoint

Panel discussion


Non-Pharmacological Management of Weight and Obesity in Diabetes in T2DM

Behavioral therapy & Diet

Physical activity

Case presentation and discussion




Tuesday, April 25th :  08:00-17:30

Innovations in Incretin-Based Therapies

Recent developments in oral GLP-1 receptor agonists

GIP/GLP-1 receptor coagonists: Novel agents or super GLP-1 RAs?


Traditional Glucose-Lowering Drugs

Recent insights on the MOA of metformin

Current role of insulin secretagogues (SU/DPP-4i)


When A1C  Goals Are Not Met: Treatment Intensification in T2DM

Injectable therapy: Basal Insulin and GLP-1 RA

Multiple orals therapy

Case presentation and discussion


Heart and Diabetes

Unmet clinical need: Cardiac Ischaemia/Reperfusion Injury in T2DM patients

CVD prevention and management in T2DM

Case presentation and discussion


T1DM: Lifestyle  Modification Strategies

Managing Glucose Levels Around Exercise in T1Dm

Nutritional considerations for T1DM

Case study: Real life T1DM self management dilemmas

Invited speakers

  • Bolli G., Italy

  • Campbell M.D., UK

  • Carr R.D., UK

  • Fanelli C., Italy

  • Home P., UK

  • Knop F.K., Denmark

  • Meier J.J., Germany

  • Qadri S., Finland

  • Rissanen A., Finland

  • Rockette Wagner B., USA

  • Rossetti P., Spain

  • Schernthaner G., Austria

  • Valenti L., Spain

  • Yki-Järvinen H., Finland

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